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#1 New Release on Amazon! How exciting! :)

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My book is now available on AMAZON!

Excuse me while I relax with some candy canes and Hendrix. Whew… :)

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You play guitar. You love guitar. Now learn the REST! Secrets of The Electric Guitarist offers solid gold advice about being a great overall guitarist and musician, and the music business. Rick Stack provides an insider’s look at the world of a working musician, with practical “how to” steps, about playing in a band and performing, writing and recording music, buying music equipment, and health as related to being a musician. The book will keep you entertained with stories from Rick’s musical experiences.

Are you ready to begin your journey of being the most complete guitarist and musician you can be? Shredding out cool riffs and licks is awesome, but there is a lot more to being an amazing guitarist as a working musician.

You will learn all about starting a cover band, original band, being a band leader or a sideman. You will also learn the best way to run rehearsals, get great gigs, and tips on how to get your performing game rocking. Discover how easy it is to get started writing your own songs, and with Rick’s help you will get a clear road map to the recording process, with making home demos and going into a professional recording studio. You will gain insight into having effective and efficient guitar practice sessions. Learn health related advice to stay in top form and not get injured. Are you unsure what 6L6 tubes are or what scale length is on a guitar? Find out all you need to know about music equipment, so you can get amazing tone.

Anything you do beyond playing as a hobby is going to require some knowledge of the music business. If you would like to be (or are already) a semi-professional/weekend warrior, or full time professional musician, you will want to know the secrets that will allow you to navigate the music industry with confidence.

And how about making money? There is a myth that musicians don’t make much money. Rick dispels this myth and gives you a clear plan of attack to make your music career flourish.

Secrets of The Electric Guitarist is a reference to use any time you embark on one of topics contained in the book. This is also a fun read for “guitar nerds” who love all things guitar. It took Rick over 35 years to learn everything in this book. You can learn it all here!


I WILL be publishing my book in December! Release date coming soon…. :)


Almost done with my book!

Yes, I know I have said it before. But… This time it appears to becoming a reality. We are wicked close now. The editing is all done, and we are on the last steps. I’m working on a few things to see if I can get it out by the end of 2018, or if January 2019 is better. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who keeps asking and showing interest. I will keep you posted!


Update on my book. 

Running my music school, St. Paul School of Music, and teaching an average of 50 students a week takes most of my time. I am not complaining! I love both of these things. But, it doesn't leave much time for other music pursuits. Having said that, I hired an editor out of New York City, and she is about 1/2 done editing my book. I had it edited before, but not to this extent. It feels like the right thing to do. So, it will be a bit longer until I can get it published, but it should be a much better version of the book! Early Spring is my new goal.

Happy Holidays! :)


publishinG MY first book!

I will be publishing my first book in 2017. The book is titled Secrets Of The Electric Guitarist. It is a book written about everything I have learned about being a guitarist and musician for over 35 years, except how to play guitar. I have been working on it for 16 years, so I am pretty much ready to get it out. ;) It will be available on Amazon as well as through my website. 


Writing new music for MY second album!

I am excited to be writing new music for my second album! I have been writing music here and there over the last 8 years. Some of those songs will be included, and some I will put on the shelf in order to make room for fresh new ideas. Having 8 years between albums was not my original plan, but  with time passing I feel I have grown more as an artist than I would have otherwise. I have no desire to repeat myself, which I may have if I put out my second album only a year or two later. A large part of the adventure in music for me is moving forward into uncharted waters.  The time feels right. I am very much looking forward to getting this new music out!  The tentatively titled album, Zebra Screams, will be recorded and released in 2018.